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Teddi Pitts, Executive Director
Teddi Pitts

Teddi Pitts is soon to begin the 28th year of her career as an employee of the State of Florida. Beginning her 15-year career at the Florida Department of Transportation, she served as a Senior Clerk in the department’s mailroom, a construction Project Inspector, a Plans Review and Specification Developer, the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Funds Manager, and the Finance Plan Coordinator for the department’s 5-year Work Program.

The past 12 years have spent across the street at the state Capitol, holding positions in Governor Bush’ administration, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Under Governor Bush, Pitts worked as his Transportation and Economic Development legislative and budget specialist. Her most recent positions with the Legislature were as Staff Director over many substantive and appropriations committees. In these positions, Transportation, Highway Safety, Economic Development, and Business Regulation were the focus of her management.

Teddi Pitts is committed to serving the State of Florida, as is her family. She is married to Philip Pitts, a former law enforcement officer and defense tactics instructor at the Pat Thomas Academy who now is with the Florida Highway Patrol’s office of Professional Compliance. She also has two daughters, Melissa Brooks, Correctional Sergeant with the Florida Department of Corrections in Franklin County, and Allison Black, Manager of the Florida Department of Transportation’s Organizational Development Office. She also has five grandchildren.

Tim Proctor, Assistant Executive Director
Timothy Proctor

Tim Proctor began working for the State of Florida in 2002 and has held positions in the administrations of Governor Bush, Crist, and Scott, as well as the House of Representatives, and the Senate. He worked as a Legislative and Budget Specialist in the Office of Policy and Budget under both Governor Bush and Crist, and as the Chief Analyst for Policy and Incentives in the Office of Tourism, Trade, & Economic Development under both Governor Crist and Scott.

His most recent position was with the Legislature serving as a Senior Legislative Analyst for the Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee and Appropriations Committee in the House of Representatives. During his career with the State of Florida his focus has been Transportation, Highway Safety, and Economic Development.

Rick Gallant, CPA, Manager of Finance and Performance Monitoring
Rick Gallant

Rick Gallant joined the Florida Transportation Commission in 2007 and currently serves as the Manager of Finance and Performance Monitoring. He has overall responsibility for statutorily required annual reports that review Performance and Production and the Tentative Work Program of the Florida Department of Transportation. His responsibilities also include the production of an annual Monitoring and Oversight Report that incorporates numerous transportation authorities operating within the state, as well as conducting research and evaluating various transportation issues with statewide impact.

Mr. Gallant served for seven years as a Senior Financial Analyst with a transportation consulting firm prior to joining the Commission. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Central Florida, Master of Business Administration degree from Florida State University, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Karen Manning, Administrative Assistant
Karen Manning

Karen O. Manning has 29 years of employment with the State of Florida. Seven years with the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, where she began her career as an Administrative Secretary with the AIDS program for seven months. Then as a Senior Clerk with the Aid to Families with Dependent Children for the same Department for six years. Seven years of employment with the Department of Juvenile Justice as an Executive Secretary in the General Counsel’s Office for two years and in Management Information Systems as an Administrative Assistant III for five years.

The next fourteen years were spent in the Florida Legislature at the Florida Capitol as an Administrative Assistant for the Florida House of Representatives. Six of those years were spent in different Health Subcommittees and eight years in Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development Committees. The last year in the Legislature was spent with the Florida Senate as an administrative assistant with the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development.

Karen is married to Willie L. Manning, Pastor of Spring Hill Baptist Church in Tallahassee, who retired after 36 years as an Engineer working in fleet, road building and road construction with the United States Forest Service.