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Review of Tentative Work Program

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The Commission, in accordance with Section 20.23(2)(b)3, Florida Statutes, is required to perform an in-depth evaluation of the tentative work program for compliance with all applicable laws and established departmental policies. Section 339.135(4)(g)1, Florida Statutes, requires the Commission to evaluate the tentative work program in nine areas and to submit a report on its evaluation to the Governor and the legislative appropriations committees no later than 14 days after the regular legislative session begins.

The Commission has conducted the annual Review of the Department of Transportation Tentative Work Program since 1994. The 2005 legislature amended Section 339.64(2), Florida Statutes, requiring the Commission, as part of its work program review process, to annually assess and report on the progress that the Department and its transportation partners have made in realizing the goals established for the Strategic Intermodal System. This assessment was issued as a supplement to the Review of the Tentative Work Program in 2006 and 2007. However, the assessment was incorporated into the annual Review of the Department of Transportation Tentative Work Program starting with the Review for FY 2008/09 through FY 2012/13. The two Strategic Intermodal System supplements can be accessed by selecting the Strategic Intermodal System link below.

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